Facts you must know about Renal Transplant India

Renal TransplantRenal transplant which is also known as kidney transplant is the most critical and complex medical procedure that must be done with utmost care and precautions. Renal transplant in India is the vast area where many hospitals and specialized surgeons do kidney transplant surgery, but Kidney transplant center at Jaipur Golden Hospital is one the best in Delhi.

The department consists skilled team, staff, experienced surgeons and doctors, and it is equipped with the latest technology of the time.


We care about:

  • Chronic renal failure
  • Acute renal failure.
  • Obstructive Kidney disease and Immunologically Medicated Kidney Disease.
  • Hypertensive and Diabetic Kidney Disease.

We provide a helping hand in:

  • A kidney biopsy is done to know any internal renal disease is available.
  • CVVHD, SLED, CAVH, and CAVHD for critically ill patients who require dialysis support.
  • USG guided Percutaneous Renal biopsies.
  • Medical ICUCAPD.

Critical Care NEPHOROLGY

For intensive care, department of nephrology become a major participant. Just like ICU, we provide intensive care unit to the critically ill patients. We take care of kidney failures, volume disturbance or electrolyte, acid-base disorder, dialysis, etc.


Being a leading hospital in a renal transplant in India, our Dialysis Unit has the most modern technologies, experienced doctors, and staff, equipped with more than eight haemodialysis machines.

We provide two kinds of dialysis:

  • Haemodialysis.
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis.


Our renal transplant department is engaged in providing service since the year 2001 at the Jaipur Golden Hospital. We are successful in achieving the best results in renal transplant parallel to the international standards.

What is renal transplant or kidney transplant?

The patients who are facing chronic kidney diseases take this surgical operation in which the surgeon replaces the diseased kidney with the new kidney which will work the same as both those organs earlier used to do.


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