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I cannot sit in this one, need to lie down, it hurts!!!!! My back is killing me!!!!!!!!

How many times have you heard this above phrase rhyming like a song in almost every 5th person who you have interacted or known, from Tiger Woods to a CEO of a company to a worker doing some simple chores at your home and even you at some point in your life, must have gone thru this terrorising experience what we call as back pain.



Back pains are more common in either upper or lower back, as they are more flexible and mobile than the middle portion. They are usually classified as acute low back which last less than 6 weeks, to sub-acute which have a time interval of 6 weeks to 12 weeks, the most dreadful and agonizing of them all the chronic back pain which will last and persist for more than 12 weeks to years together.

Chronic Back pain is like a Shakespearean tragedy, it will affect your body, mind, emotions, financial health as well as your family relations. It leaves a person high and dry and at mercy of elements.

There are various causes of low back pain. The most common of them which should be remembered as not hard laborious back breaking jobs but the stale, couch potato life style which the urban population leads. Excessive sitting is the most harmful job that a person can do to break his back in years to come. It not only weaken your entire musculoskeletal support to your back but causes excessive stress and pressure on your spinal joints, ligaments and disc which may get damaged and lead to excruciating pains. The other causes of low back pain frequently seen are disc degeneration, facet hypertrophy (spinal joints arthritis); Spondylolisthesis (forward displacement of vertebrae).



Back pain is one of the most common causes of loss of productive work, work compensation and leave from office/work. It is an endemic problem breaking the back bone of your enterprise as well as of the country
A low back sufferer has certain symptoms that are more pronounced, like pain or ache anywhere between lower rib cage, centre of back, to pain radiating to buttocks and upper thighs and certain cases till knees. In few cases back pain may be associated with a radiation pain till the toes; this indicates sciatica or radiculopathy, which indicated either irritation or compression of nerves.



Low back pain gets resolved on its own in around 80 per cent of cases with in few weeks. The best management strategy for first time incidence of acute low back pain is exercise, stretching, modifying you ergonomics at your work place, simple walk for 30 minutes a day. Specific modalities like heat and cold compression go a long way in muscular pains causing back pain and should be started immediately .The recent norms are avoid bed rest and remain as active as possible.

In few cases the patient develops specific red flags or pain may persist for more than 6 weeks, these are the cases who require timely investigations from X-rays, to MRI and have to undergo specific management strategies based on an algorithmic approach as evidence has suggested form specific nerve pain medications, to specific nerve root blocks, epidural steroid injections to even surgery if required.

Surgical indication are very few in low back problems and most of the cases can be managed by conservative approach which include exercise, positive thinking, medications and specific minimal interventions like nerve blocks to epidural injections and radiofrequency denervation of the spinal nerves.

Your strength is your back, protect it preserve it to lead a healthy and meaningful life.


We at Jaipur Golden Pain Medicine department offer specialized back pain programs to tide over you long standing chronic back problems.

Dr Madhur Chadha

Dr Sorabh  Garg



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