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Obesity is a major health issue these days not only in developed nations but also in developing countries. Bad eating habits, stress and hormonal imbalance are some of the factors responsible for obesity. An overweight person is at a higher risk of suffering from many cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and severe sleep apnea that may prove to be life threatening. When physical workout and healthy eating habits together are unable to reduce weight in an extremely overweight person, then he should opt for Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric Surgery in Delhi is a very safe and successful operation that helps obese people to lose weight. After the surgery, if the patient sticks to healthy diet and makes some good lifestyle changes then he is at a reduced risk of falling prey to diseases. Bariatric Surgery works on a very basic principle of losing weight where an obese person undergoes changes in digestive system leading to killing his desire of food intake. The absorption of food in the stomach and intestines is also reduced enabling the patients to lose weight and also prevents them from various health risks that are otherwise associated with obesity.

Bariatric Surgery in Delhi can be either performed by using an “open” approach of by “laparoscopy”. In an open approach, abdomen is cut but in case of laparoscopy, only a half-inch incision is made on the abdomen leading to less tissue damage, fast recovery time and less complications. Bariatric Surgery is laparoscopic and is in a lot of demand nowadays. The surgeon performs four different types of Bariatric surgery. He first examines the patient completely and based on his health conditions determines which procedure he will carry out. Those considering Bariatric Surgery should waste no time and go ahead with the procedure immediately. More about Jaipur Golden hospital in Delhi you can Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and linkedin.


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