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Bariatric surgery (Weight loss surgery) is a well-renowned, safe and effectual treatment choice for people who are affected by severe obesity. Obesity is a medical condition in which there is a large fat deposition, to such an extent that is harmful for health.

People who desire for weight-loss also often engage in physical activity, like walking, biking, aerobics, swimming, and more. Increased physical activity improves body’s ability to burn fat, leading to reduction in stress levels and building a positive personal attitude.

How it causes weight-loss?

Bariatric surgery makes modifications in person’s digestive system. This method of weight-loss is adopted when exercise and diet alterations don’t work or when a person has serious health issues due to excessive weight gain. Gigantic weight loss, because of bariatric surgery, also causes decrease in hormones like insulin (hormone responsible for regulation of sugar levels) and cortisol (stress hormone). And thus, decreases the storage and uptake of fat into fat storage depots.

Bariatric surgery helps in weight loss by three different ways:

  • By limiting the amount of food a person eats (causing malabsorption of nutrients). This is also known as restrictive weight-loss surgery.
  • By decreasing the absorption of nutrients. This method is also known as malabsorptive surgery.
  • A combination of both these ways.

Certain criteria that a person must meet so as to be a candidate for Weight-loss surgery:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI), defined as a number calculated depending upon a person’s weight and height:
  • BMI > 40, Severe obesity (or weight in excess of 100 pounds over ideal body weight)
  • BMI 35-40 with considerable obesity-associated conditions (high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea or high blood pressure)
  • No endocrine reasons of obesity (weight-gain)
  • Absence of drug or alcohol troubles
  • Understands surgery benefits and low risks
  • Unsuccessful efforts of medical weight-loss (diets, other weight-loss options)
  • No unrestrained psychological conditions

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