What is Chronic Pain ?

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Chronic Pain – Pain has become inbred in our life now. A sprain of a muscle or twist of an ankle or even burnouts, we cry out loud in pain. It is unavoidable. It serves the important function of telling our brain that our tissues are damaged, and it goes away.

Persistent pain is form of pain that nature cannot heal, that does not resolve over time, and that which could get worse. In persistent low back pain, for instance, the pain serves no purpose in telling the brain for years that there is a problem in the spine. Especially when the MRI scan says there is not much damage.

Such pain, which assumes a life of its own, interferes with your daily routine, forces you to quit activities that you enjoy, generally makes life miserable. At any one time on the face of the earth, around 20% of people have pain that has persisted beyond 3 months. That’s nearly 4 million Delhities. And it comes in different shapes and sizes – knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, headache, nerve damage pain, firbromyalgia etc.

Pain treatment requires a multi-discplinary approach that includes access to pain specialists, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, physio therapists, and occupational therapists. Reducing pain is just the start — the goal is to help make you function as normally as possible and get back a part of your active life

Your recovery also depends on your physical and mental strengths and how much effort you willing to put into your own well being. We identify those strengths and work alongside you by formulating a functional multidisciplinary pain program, which includes specialized X-ray or USG guided injections.

An individualized program involving simple exercises, diet, lifestyle modifications, ergonomics, relaxation techniques and other modalities, helps keep you away from the vicious cycle of pain and maintain a positive outlook.

At Jaipur Golden Hospital, we will help you win over your pains…

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