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Our Trustees

Every Organisation irrespective of its field of work, has a moral and social obligation to fulfill towards the society. The nation as one can only progress with active co-operation of the individuals at the helm of affairs. The commitment to up liftment of society- a duty towards the citizens, and feeling of fraternity as envisaged in our Constitution has prompted us to contribute in our humble way in setting up of Jaipur Golden Hospital, New Delhi.
Since 1991, with the inauguration of Jaipur Golden Hospital, the remarkable change in the field of medical treatment is obvious, not only in Rohini and the adjoining areas, but also the entire north west Delhi. The development of this hospital has prompted other smaller hospitals to be set up, thus improving the availability of good quality medical treatment.

The overwhelming response of society towards the quality of health care at affordable cost has been extremely encouraging. The success of a hospital is proven by its track record and this is where Jaipur Golden Hospital has become a place of first choice in the span of these years. With the dedication of the Consultants and other staff and guidance of our peers, we re-dedicate over selves to the commitment of providing the latest facilities and best medical care to patients from all sections of society at affordable cost.


Name of the Trustees

  • Sh. R. P. Khanna
  • Sh. J. L. Khanna
  • Sh. V. L. Bahri
  • Sh. H. S. Rahi
  • Sh. R. C. Khanna
  • Sh. Pritam Singh
  • Sh. Mukul Bahri
  • Sh. Atul Bahri
  • Sh. Inder Lal Bahri
  • Sh. Satish Khanna
  • Sh. Vipin Khanna
  • Sh. Vinod Khanna
  • Sh. Rajpal Singh
  • Sh. Gurpreet Malik
  • Smt. Kanta Khanna
  • Sh. Vikram Bahri
  • Sh. Parveen Alagh
  • Sh. Avtar Singh
  • Mrs. Surinder Malhotra
  • Smt. Anita Khanna
  • Smt. Sushma Khanna
  • Sh. Mohit Khanna
  • Sh. Varun Khanna
  • Sh. Amarjeet SIngh
  • Sh. Gautam Bahri
  • Smt. Veena Bahri
  • Sh. Rakesh Bahri
  • Sh. Sameer Bahri 
  • Smt. Lajwanti Khanna
  • Sh. Inderjeet Chawla
  • Mr. M R Bahri
  • Smt. Urmil R. Khanna
  • Sh. Subhash Bahri
  • Smt. Nirmal Malhotra
  • Sh. Mohit Malhotra
  • Sh. Rajeb Khanna



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