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Immunization Service


Jaipur Golden Hospital is concerned about your family and child is the most precious part of any family.

To ensure that as parents we don’t miss on important aspects of child’s growth. We are creating awareness about vaccination:

DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Vaccination is as important and routine for safety of your children as car seats, baby gates etc and keeps children safe from approximately 25-30 diseases. For every child a vaccination calendar must be maintained at least till the age of 12 years. Often we miss the immunization schedule. Therefore to make this process easy and powerful, IAP has a vaccination reminder service in which any parent can register by sending SMS to national short code 566778 from their mobile phones. Format for the SMS is

Immunize<space><baby’s name><space><baby’s date of birth> Immunize

You will receive immediate confirmation message. 3 reminders will be sent according to IAPCOI immunization schedule at 2 days interval for each  vaccination that is due.
We,  Jaipur  Golden Hospital have a state of Art  Department of Paediatrics and neonatal care with the best team of paediatricians and neonatologists who are available  for the necessary services. Jaipur Golden Hospital has treated neonates with the birth weight of less than 600gms. We provide all kind of immunization and vaccination at affordable cost. To ensure with your child remains healthy, please contact us or visit us in the health care needs.



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