Cardio Thoracic Surgery

The Cardio Thoracic Surgery unit of our hospital is very well equipped with state-of-the-art 02 Modular operation theatres with highly skilled & experienced team of Cardio Thoracic surgeons, nursing staff & paramedics.


Cardiac Surgery

  • Operation Theatre - The Institute has two fully equipped functional Modular Operation theatres with all the modern technically advanced monitors, ventilators, heart lung machine, cell saver and IABP machine.
  • All types of Cardiac surgeries including CABG, mitral valve replacement, aortic valve replacement, ASD closure, PDA closure, VSD closure, Tetrology of Fallot’s and other pediatric surgeries are performed here.
  • CTVS ICU - A 6-Bedded unit with invasive & non-invasive monitoring, high-end ventilators and beds with air mattresses and remote control. The ICU is manned by skilled nurses and dedicated doctors, facilitating patient care with the help of latest technical know-how and central monitor with remote cameras and two-way communication system.
  • Cath Lab. - The Innova 2100 IQ cardiac catheterization lab. Is the next generation in cardiovascular imaging.  It is first of its kind installed in North India.  This imaging system is designed to provide Cardiologists with more information resulting in better diagnosis and treatment.  Interventions like angioplasty, multi-vessel angioplasty, primary angioplasty through trans-radial route, ASD / PDA closure, Bi – Ventricular and AICD placement are routinely performed.
  • Coronary Care Unit - A-12 bedded unit with invasive and non-invasive Haemodynamic monitoring, latest ventilators and non-invasive ventilatory support system is managed by our team of skilled doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians.
  • Radial Suite - Trans-radial route is the most preferred route for coronary angiography and angioplasty in this institute and to provide greater comfort to our patients. A specialized radial suite has been created which is first of its kind in North India. It has comfortable recliners attached with TV monitor, instead of beds, which makes our patients stay more homely and less stressful.

Services Provided

Open and closed Heart Surgery, CABG, valve replacements and repairs & complex pediatric Cardiac Surgery. The hospital had excellent post surgical care facility in special CRITICAL CARE UNITS

  • Non-Invasive Cardiac Lab
  • Out Patient Cardiology Services (OPD)
  • Ambulance

All clinical imaging is performed in our lab, using the most techonologically advanced equipment available. Colour Doppler Echo – TEE, TMT, Dobutamine Stress Echo and Holter monitoring are done on a regular basis.
A daily free OPD from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. is conducted for the patients. A skilled cardiologist attends to all the patients.

The hospital has a specially designed and well-equipped ambulance for transporting critical patients. It has ventilator, defibrillator with external pacing, IABP, Monitors, Oxygen supply, Infusion pump and battery back-up for electricity supply.


The department is dedicated to Redefining Heart Care through cost effective and state-of-the-art medical technology.

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