Child Development Clinic

How Do You Evaluate If Your Child Needs Help?

  • Every child is unique and so are their needs.  If your child has any of the below mentioned problems, it is time you meet our specialists
  • Studies problems/Writing problems
  • Learning Disorders/Dyslexia
  • Hyperactivity
  • ADHD
  • Weak Attention Concentration, Very Naughty/Destructive & Restless Child
  • Behaviour, Emotional & Adjustment Problems : Like Disobedience, Anger, Stubbornness,
  • Exam Phobia, Adamancy, Hitting Others, Temper Tantrum, Lying, Stealing
  • Depression, Fear, Anxiety, Shyness & Introvertism, Psychogenic Stammering/Pains/
  • Tics/Headaches, Seizures
  • Excessive use of phone, TV, internet, games, mobile, chat, Relations with opposite sex
  • IQ Testing, DQ Testing, Psycho-Educational Assessments
  • Autism: Remaining self-preoccupied, inability to speak properly according to age

What Are The Common Conditions Treated At The Clinic?

  • Children with increased biological risks or established developmental delays: like new-born and children with Cerebral Palsy, Global Development Delay, Down's syndrome/Trisomy 21 syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Birth Asphyxia, Premature babies, Low birth weight babies, Abnormalities in tonicity of muscles, Slow Learners, Children with Intellectual Disabilities etc.
  • Children with Speech & Language problems and Hearing Disorders
  • Children requiring Occupation Therapy Services, SS and EIS due to Development Delays
  • AUTISM- Remaining self-preoccupied/inability to speak properly according to age
  • Academic/Studies problems, Writing problems and Learning related disorders like Dyslexia/Dysgraphia/Dyscalculia/Learning Disability or Mental Retardation.
  • Hyperactivity, Weak Attention & Concentration skills (ADHD), being easily distractible, impulsivity, impatient, Very Naughty/Mischievous/Violent/Destructive and Restless Child
  • Behaviour Problems- like being aggressive, stubborn, adamant, answering back, disobedience,  Temper Tantrums, bullying, being disrespectful to elders, arguing and hitting other kids
  • Children requiring Personality Assessment, Neuropsychological assessment, Career Guidance
  • Adjustment problems- like stealing, lying, having relations with opposite sex, keeping bad company, excessive money spending, talking too long over phone, showing off and others adolescent issues
  • Emotional problems- like exam phobia, refusal to attend school, sibling rivalry, being introvert, psychogenic aches/pains/headaches/stomach-aches/fits/seizures/stammering, stranger anxiety, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, separation anxiety, bed wetting, thumb sucking, nail biting ,sadness, childhood trauma, childhood sexual abuse, eating disorders, too timid, too worrisome and other conditions like involuntary body movements of eyes/neck/facial muscles, Children in Foster/Adopted/Custodial care etc.
  • Children requiring IQ Testing, Psycho-education Assessments & Aptitude Testing for certification purposes for CBSE.

What Services Are Provided At The Child Development & Guidance Clinic?

  • Early Intervention Services (EIS) and Sensory Stimulation (SS) programs
  • Special Education Services and Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
  • Psychotherapy & Counselling Services – like Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Behaviour Modification, Services, etc.
  • Psychological Assessments of problems in detail – like DQ testing, IQ testing, testing for Dyslexia/academic difficulties (Psycho educational Assessments).
  • Parental Guidance and Counselling regarding condition and management of child.
  • Workshops and Seminar conduction for schools, Doctors, parents etc. on topics related with Child development and behaviour Occupational Therapy, Speech & Motor development stimulation program for children with development delays, Autism, delayed speech and other developmental delays.

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