The Department boasts not only good clinicians but also of the modern technologies in form of sophisticated endoscopes and accessories along with other cutting edge diagnostic tools.

  • Hepatology & Pancreatobiliary disorders
  • Endoscopy

    Jaipur Golden Hospital has special video-endoscopy & ERCP suite and offer services on day care and in-patient basis. 



  • Diagnostic gastroscopy-to visualize food pipe/stomach/beginning of small intestine.
  • Colonoscopy / ileoscopy-to visualize (annorectum), large intestine, terminal end of small intestine.
  • ERCP-Medical ICUto visualize bile duct and paneratic duct.
  • Therapeutic UGI endosocpy -Cardiac Surgical ICUExtraction of foreign body eg. coin, key, metal pipes, impacted food particle etc., sclerotherapy of oesophageal varices, endoscopic treatment of bleeding ulcers and coagulation, Polypectomy stent placement, dilation of stricture, achalasia dilation, injection of glue in oesophegeal varices etc.
  • LGI-Kidney Transplant ICU Polypectomy stricture dilation, injection of bleeding vessel.
  • ERCP-Sphincterotomy stent placement – CBD/pancreatic to reveal biliary and pancreatic obstruction, stone extraction, placement of nasobiliary drainage.

2) 24 hrs G.I. Bleed service – scleratherapy, banding, laser
3) Management of Hepatitis, fulminant liver failure, gallstone disease, acute and chronic pancreatitis
4) Management of Acid peptic disorders, ulcerative colitis
5) Management of all GI cancers including esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, bile duct, pancreas &  large bowel cancer.
6) Integrated services with advanced laboratory, radiology, intensive care, surgical and oncology backup.

Our Doctors

  • Dr.Kailash NathSingla

    Dr. Kailash Nath Singla

    Sr. Consultant
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  • Dr.RameshGarg

    Dr. Ramesh Garg

    Sr. Consultant
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  • Dr.Vivek Bhatia

    Dr. Vivek Bhatia

    Sr. Consultant
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