Gen. & Min. Access Surgery

“Healing Experience Like Never Before”

The Institute of General and Minimal Invasive Surgery is headed by one of the most dedicated senior consultants with qualifications MBBS,MS, DNB, FACS, FIAGES and having vast knowledge, expertise and experience of 31 years in this arena. We treat ailments ranging from hernia, appendicitis, gall stones, piles, fistula, abscesses, cysts, gastroesophageal reflux, dysphagia, benign and malignant condition of liver, small bowel & large bowel. We offer patient-focussed services for a wide spectrum of subspecialties that include General Surgical, Emergency Surgical facilities and Advance Trauma.

Minimally invasive surgery has revolutionised the way surgery is performed. It is also known as key-hole surgery or Laparoscopic surgery. It refers to the use of techniques that permit access to internal organs leaving a small scar as compared to open surgeries where large incision is made. Minimally invasive surgery offers evident benefits to the patients: Less postoperative pain, faster recovery, enhanced cosmesis, reduced risk of infection and shorter stay at the hospital. The Department uses the most advanced techniques of Minimally invasive surgery and state-of-the-art equipments to perform simple as well as complex surgeries while offering highest standards of patient care at every stage.

The Institute of General and Minimally Invasive Surgery has brilliant and highly experienced team of surgeons backed up by support from Nursing & Resident Staff offering their services round the clock. The Anaesthesia Department and Surgical ICU provide excellent, pre and post operative care in addition to well-equipped O.T. Complex Services. To ensure there are minimal complications in surgery, we use excellent equipment facilities in O.T. including high definition endovision and vessel sealing system.

The institute is recognized by the National Boards of Examination (India) to impart post graduate training and teaching to DNB students in General Surgery in Delhi.

Services Offered :

Team of Doctor

Dr.Subodh Gupta
Dr.P.C. Prasad
Dr.Rajesh KumarSharma
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