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Relieving from joint pain by Joint Replacement Surgery in Delhi

ABOUT JOINT REPLACEMENT: With the scientific advancement and technological breakthrough in the medical stream, it’s become feasible to treat epidemic like joint pain. Our lifestyle is directly hampering our physical strength resulting in many health issues. If the care has not been taken on time, it will lead to some critical situations. If a pain in joints limiting daily routine work, a joint replacement would be the best treatment.

A joint is where two or more bones come together, like knee, shoulder and hip. Joint replacement surgery deals with eliminating a damaged joint and replacing it with metal, plastic or the ceramic device called Prosthesis.

OUR TEAM OF EXPERTS: At our hospital, we ensure the end to end medication by our best joint replacement surgeons of Delhi who are a dedicated team of experts with all advanced technologies, approaches and practices. We possess skilled and experienced staff to take round a clock care of patient and also deliver pre and post operative treatment for a complete rehabilitation.

Who need a Joint Replacement Surgery?

  • Pain and Stiffness: A severe pain that restrict you to walk, climb stairs, difficult to get from a chair or limiting a normal life and a painful life lasting for more than six month.
  • Bone Damage: when experts diagnose a severe damage to the bone via X-rays and other imaging may suggest a joint replacement surgery.
  • The quality of life: The severe pain badly affecting day to day working may lead to surgery.
  • Failure of conventional methods: when all non-surgical treatments prove ineffective and fail to give relief.

Types of Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Shoulder Replacement

KNEE REPLACEMENT: The knees can be damaged by any severe injury or arthritis, restraint to perform regular activity smoothly result into removal of damaged cartilage surfaces at the ends of femur and tibia and replacing with a new metal component.

HIP REPLACEMENT: It's a surgical procedure where damaged hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. The surgery is performed to restore the hip joint using Minimal invasive approach.

SHOULDER REPLACEMENT: A rotator cuff injury or severe fracture can lead our surgeon to suggest shoulder replacement surgery.

Post-operative care: our surgeons design a full proof post-operative treatment for rehabilitation and fast recovery. They also entail about preventive measures to be taken by concern patient.

Jaipur Golden Hospital Delhi offers a pioneer work by delivering state of the art Orthopedic treatments such as Joint Replacement surgeries and other bone related surgeries with most advanced and latest techniques. The hospital proudly stands at the forefront in serving best orthopedic treatment in the state.

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