Medical Oncology - Cancer“Fight Your Battle Against Cancer With Our Unconditional Support & Care”

CANCER is a life-changing event that proposes many difficulties and challenges when you or your loved one is diagnosed with this dreadful disease. It spreads constantly in your body making it hard to catch & treat. But with early diagnosis it can be cured completely. However, even in later stages, you can live an enhanced quality of life by having access to latest advances in cancer treatment. The Department of Oncology at Jaipur Golden Hospital is dedicated to offer unparalleled & compassionate care to patients with cancer and disorders of blood, soft tissues or solid organs.

Our extremely talented oncologists have the expertise and experience to diagnose, treat and manage all types of cancer whether common, complex or rare using a variety of advanced treatments methods. We specialise in prostate cancer, lung cancer, head & neck cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, kidney cancer, gynaecological cancer and bone & soft tissues sarcomas. Our medical experts follow an integrated treatment approach and collaborate with various doctors across multiple specialities to formulate an appropriate, individualised treatment plan that fits your needs.  No matter wherever you are in your cancer journey, our dedicated team will guide, inspire & care for you so that you can boldly face cancer and live your life to fullest.

We take care of your health needs beyond cancer by supporting you at every step so that you have better survival chances and an improved quality of life.


The department offers its services through day care and in-patient mode:

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