Institute of Neonatology at Jaipur Golden Hospital is a center of excellence for the care of newborn. The department provides comprehensive high quality medical and surgical care to the children by the latest hi-tech equipments backed by a team of highly trained and motivated staff consisting of consultants, junior doctors and qualified nursing staff


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:

It offers one of the most sophisticated and advanced neonatal intensive care unit (24 bedded NICU). The survival rate in low birth weight babies at NICU is comparable to the best in the country. We are performing all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures required for critically ill babies (surfactant therapy, mechanical ventilation, central vascular lines placement, exchange transfusion, total parenteral nutrition HFV, Incubator etc.).
We have got Ten mechanical ventilators and all other sophisticated monitoring gadgets needed for the sick babies. We have got 24 hours backup of Laboratory facilities, blood bank, radio imaging, portable echocardiography and liaison with paediatric subspecialty doctors i.e., Cardiology, Surgery, Opthalmology, Neurology, Respiratory Medicine, Genetics and IEM.

The specialized follow up of the extremely premature babies after discharge, is done in addition to the regular services.
Ours is a baby friendly hospital i.e. , we protect, promote and support exclusive breastfeeding in infants in NICU. To make the care holistic, we allow the mothers to visit their babies in NICU and also involve them in the care of their babies. We are well equipped and have expertise in managing extremely low birth wt. babies with birth wt. < 1000gm. We have round the clock Neonatologist in our department. 

The mothers, whose babies are admitted in nursery, are provided free bed in the hospital, so that they can breastfeed their babies whenever required

Neonatal & Paediatric Surgery  
Paediatric surgeons utilize their expertise in treating the problems or conditions requiring surgical intervention (Congenital defects, cystic and solid  swelling/tumors, bowel atresia and fistula, urogenital reconstructions, food pipe defects and nephrectomies etc.). Paediatric surgeons operate on children ranging from newborn age to the teenage years with best success rate

Endoscopy services 
Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic services for the varices (sclerotherapy and band ligation), bleeding lesions, foreign body removal are available round the clock.
Nutrition support :
Expert dieticians are available for counseling and management of various clinical conditions requiring their skills. Comprehensive nutritional support is available for routine and intensive care patients.

OPD Services :
The daily services provided in the hospital are free OPD & private OPD with consultants available throughout the day. Indoor and emergency services are available round the clock. Department is further planning to extend these services in other fields such as Asthma clinic, Thalassemia clinic, Adolescents health care etc in due course of time. Different categories of beds and wards are available for non-intensive care of children for different social strata.

CME :  
We are regularly organizing the CME programme and workshops to share our knowledge and experience with the delegate doctors coming from the various parts of the country. We have covered a number of subject in our CME programmes depending upon the need. We are involved in various education programmes under the RCH programme of India.
We are routinely organizing lectures and demonstrations programmes for our in service nursing staff and resident doctors to update their knowledge and skills so that the best care could be delivered to the patients. Especially, we train all our nurses to counsel the breastfeeding mothers.
We have hosted PICC Line workshop for Neocon(2012) and are going to host Pedicon workshop in 2014.  
Immunization facilities   
Prevention is better then cure, so the hospital is providing comprehensive immunization services for all vaccine preventable diseases.
Health education :  
Health education is an important aspect of the community health care. From time to time, we have arranged various free health check-up & education camps (topics covered were asthma care, diarrhoea management, breastfeeding promotion, infection prevention etc.). Lectures on the public heath issues are regular features. We are doing regular education cum training for ANMs and family physicians on common issues (newborn care at birth, temperature regulation, infection prevention, breast feeding promotion) in clinical practice. Awareness sessions are held for antenatal mothers. We have been organizing Baby Shows, which include the assessment of the healthy babies in various categories, Questions – answers session with parents on day to day care of children. A book on “Bringing up children in a healthy way” was published by the department of paediatrics.
School Health Programme :  
We are actively involved and providing the comprehensive clinical health checkup and necessary laboratory facilities for the students of various schools of the area like Delhi Public School and Bal Bharti School.
We are also educating and counseling the students by the regular lectures and demonstration on various routine and upcoming health issues.

We at Jaipur Golden Hospital realize that every child is special and WE CARE. The Institute is committed to provide the best care in a child friendly setting at an affordable cost.

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