The Department of Neurology is operational since the incept of Jaipur Golden Hospital. It offers a wide range of facilities to treat almost every neurological problem. The Department has a modern neuroelectrophysiolgoy lab equipped with EMG machineand conventional 20 channel EEG

Facilities provided

  • Stroke programme – There is a dedicated team dealing with stroke on an emergency basis round the clock in our intensive care setting, not only to save life, but also to minimize eventual neurological deficit if any. With back up of excellent Department of neuroradiology, viz. spiral CT Scan, CT angiography etc, stroke patients are immediately attended to and treated, with minimum delay, thus salvaging life and limbs.
  • Epilepsy programme, multiple sclerosis programme   
  • Clinical electrophysiology lab – EEG Lab
  • EMG Lab – Nerve conductin, EMG studies, facial Nerve conduction, blink reflexes, and repetitive stimulation test for myasthenia gravis.   


Our Doctors

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