Our Testimonials

Mr. David Wittenberg

“Thank you for a very good experience during my PHP physical today. Here are my comments. I hope you will find them useful.
The highlight of the day by far was my guide, Gauri. She was friendly, personable and very helpful. I felt that she went out of her way to look after me and see to my comfort and welfare. 
The phlebotomist was very professional and patient. When I fast, I become slightly dehydrated, and it becomes hard to find a good vein in my arm to draw from. Rather than stick me multiple times, this phlebotomist took the time to locate a vein and got in the first time.
The non-invasive cardiologist has an excellent bedside manner. We had a nice chat. She explained the exam very clearly and succinctly, and she managed the exam in a way that was very comfortable for me. Kudos to the tech, as well..."

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