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Dr. Sumedha Harne & team

This patient RUBY was referred from outside with severe bleeding following normal delivery with retained placenta( Placenta Accreta). Patient was in severe shock due to blood loss & had Hb of 2gm with associated coagulopathy (bleeding tendency). Emergency surgery ( Hysterectomy) was performed by Dr Sumedha Harne & team.

The patient had to be transfused many units of blood & blood components. She recovered fully & this was possible only because of the expert help of anesthesiologist Dr Monika Gupta & the back up support of blood bank & the surgical ICU care. JGH has very well equipped operation theater,a team of competent anesthesiologist led by Dr Swaran Bhalla & well trained, dedicated staff with facility to handle all types of complicated emergencies 365 X 24 X 7.

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