Vinay Bhardwaj

Dear sir/ madam, namaste.

It is to inform that my wife Mrs Shaily Bhardwaj was admitted in your hospital from 23.12.2016 to 10.01.2017 (CR/IP No. 16/16910) and again from 11.01.2017 to 13.01.2017 (CR/IP No. 17/417) as she was suffering from GB Syndrome.

After indoor treatment in your hospital, she is at home and her health is improving day by day. I take this opportunity to recognise the efforts of your hospital to provide best medical treatment as well as allied services to your customers. During the period of admission of my wife, I was fully satisfied from the treatment given by the doctors as well as hospitality by para-medical staff and allied services staff of your hospital. I would like to convey my special thanks to Dr US Sharma, Mrs Poonam Kapoor, Dr Deepali Jain, Mrs Sonica Sharma, Dr Mahesh Sharma and other panel staff. I am also thankful to the staff engage in house-keeping, security and other thankless jobs. I convey my heartiest best wishes for the staff of your hospital and their families.


Vinay Bhardwaj

H/o Mrs Shaily Bhardwaj

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