Meera Singh

“All staff concerned are appreciable, specially nursing staff. Housekeeping and technicians.…”

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Rakesh Gandhi

“The whole team is amazingly nice, very co-operative, prompt. Half of the illness is cured by the way doctor, nurses intact with the patient. Keep it up.…”

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“We are very much happy with Dr. Garima Gupta, she has taken good care of our patient.…”

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“Dr. Anupam Verma is very experienced, curious for patient. Sister priyanka is very hard working active in taking immediate action, knows well what to do.…”

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Yogesh Kaushik

“Sh. Mangli Prasad Pandey - pharmisist, very co-operative, soft spoken and caring guided us. D block OT staff is also very co-operative.…”

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“The doctor behaved very well and made us comfortable. It was nice in Jaipur Golden Hopsital.…”

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Harshit Khanna

“Dr. Rastogi is very polite and caring. All other staff members are also behaved nicely.…”

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Sanjeet Singh

“All staff was good, specially all nursing staff. Ritu khatri was very good. Nice in behavior very gentle in terms of hospitality.…”

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Suman yadav

“Whole staff co-operated in very nice way. Specially thanks to Dr. Monika Mam.…”

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Gobind Ram

“Dr. Vivek Sharma is a gentle person, very polite and effcient. The nursing staff are very efficent, they care with care. They serve with smile. I wish well for all of them.…”

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We at Jaipur Golden Hospital believe "Prevention is better than Cure". Moving ahead with this noble theme we have designed a health check program to identify risk factors & early indicators so as to prevent & cure disease before it sets in. The idea is to prevent an illness form occurring & setting you on path of health and wellbeing.

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