Geetanjali Pahwa

“Dr. V.K Rastogi and his team gave personal attention. Ms. Charu was quite courteous.…”

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“All the nurses and Doctors were excellent in treating and caring us.…”

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Ravi Beniwal

“Hospital staff including Doctors, HK, Nurses and including everyone here is too cooperative and supportive. Really appreciable 5 star to all of them.…”

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Vinod Chopra

“Nurse Mamta and Ward boy Pandit Ji both are perfect in their duties.…”

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Amandeep Kaur

“All the employees and consultants are very co-operative caring about patients. …”

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Nitendra Dutt

“All are very helpful and very co-operative. Nice services…”

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Aditya Goel

“All the employees were very good, attended to our requirements promptly and to our utmost satisfaction.…”

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Poonam Bansal

“Employees are good. Staff is caring…”

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Gayatri Tomar

“Everyone performed their duty very well.…”

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“I appreciate the whole staff of the Jaipur Golden Hospital …”

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What patients say About JGH


We at Jaipur Golden Hospital believe "Prevention is better than Cure". Moving ahead with this noble theme we have designed a health check program to identify risk factors & early indicators so as to prevent & cure disease before it sets in. The idea is to prevent an illness form occurring & setting you on path of health and wellbeing.

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