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Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is a common skin disorder characterized by small, pointed pimples. The pimples usually appear on the upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. The condition worsens in the winter and usually clears up in the summer. Keratosis pilaris has no

Kidney Cancer (Condition)

Kidney cancer begins in the kidneys - two large, bean-shaped organs - one located to the left, and the other to the right of the backbone.

Kidney Stones (Condition)

A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that forms from crystallization of excreted substances in the urine. The stone may remain in the kidney or break loose and travel down the urinary tract.

Knee Pain and Problems

Many knee problems are a result of the aging process and continual wear and stress on the knee joint (i.e., arthritis). Other knee problems are a result of an injury or a sudden movement that strains the knee. Common knee problems include the followi


A normal spine, when viewed from behind appears straight. However, a spine affected by kyphosis shows evidence of a forward curvature of the back bones (vertebrae) in the upper back area, giving a "humpback" appearance.


Keratitis is a condition in which the cornea- the dome shaped window in the front of eye covering the iris and pupil gets inflamed. It makes the eye red and painful, thereby, affecting vision.

Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer is a condition in which the kidney cells become cancerous and they grow abnormally in the kidney, forming a tumor. Most of the kidney cancers start in the lining of tiny tubes in the kidney, known as renal cell carcinoma. Usually, kidne

Klinefelter syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects only males. In this condition, when a baby boy is born, he has an extra copy of X chromosome.

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