What is Eye Trauma?

Eye Trauma can range from mild to severe injury requiring medical emergency. It can lead to permanent loss of vision if treatment is delayed. Eye Trauma can happen anywhere like in your houses, playground, office or from an accident.

What are the causes for Eye Trauma?

When your eye is hit with a sharp force, it suddenly compresses and retracts causing blood clots to be formed underneath the affected area. Many factors are responsible for Eye Trauma, namely:

What are the symptoms of Eye Trauma?

The most common symptoms of Eye Trauma are:

How can Eye Trauma be treated?

It is highly recommended not to try to self-treat Eye Trauma as the consequences can be severe causing permanent damage to your eye.

The treatment for Eye Trauma depends on the severity of the injury caused to your eye. Go to the ophthalmologist immediately in order to check the damage caused to your eye. Depending on the underlying cause for your condition, your eye specialist will give your treatment. It may be antibiotic eye drops to an operation required to repair the damage.

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