Nephrotic Syndrome

What is Nephrotic Syndrome?

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder in which the filters in your kidney get damaged and due to this, large amount of protein leaks from your blood into the urine. In this condition, there is:

One may even have higher cholesterol levels in blood. Nephrotic Syndrome is not a disease but a symptom that indicates something is causing harm to the kidneys. This condition must be treated immediately else it may cause kidney failure.

What are the causes of Nephrotic Syndrome?

The most common causes of Nephrotic Syndrome are:

What are the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome?

The symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome may include:

How can Nephrotic Syndrome be treated?

The treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome involves treating the underlying medical condition that is causing the problem. The medical specialist may recommend some medications to get relief from symptoms or delay the progression of the disease and may include:

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