Heart & Cardiology

Cardiology & Heart Department focuses on wholistic approach to cardiac case through invasive and non-invasive, therapeutic and diagnostic services managed by dedicated team of specialist doctors.

General Cardiology services at Jaipur Golden Hospital include preoperative evaluations, treatment and assessment of :

Cardiac murmurs


Number of invasive procedure are performed each year in the Cardiac Cath Lab. Cath Lab teams include highly skilled and specialised nurses, cardiovascular and cath lab technologists. The experienced team assists the cardiologists in providing services 24 hrs a day for scheduled and emergency procedures. The Centre provides state-of-the art imaging equipment that visualizes and detects coronary artery disease. The images can be stored in the system as a guide for immediate or late treatment of the disease process. State-of-art (electrophysiology) equipment is utilised by the cardiologist and staff to diagnose and treat advanced cardiac dysrythimas (irregular cardiac rythms)

Procedures performed in Cardiac Cathetrisation lab include:

Trans-radial Coronary Angiography Programme at J.G.H.

The usual approach for cornary Angiography is via femoral artery in the Right Groin. The patients have to stay in the hospital overnight and keep the Right leg immobile for 6-8 hrs after the procedure leading to some amount of patient discomfort. In the new technique of trans-radial angiography, the procedure is done through the radial artery in Right wrist. The patient walks out of the cath lab and can be discharged in a couple of hours. The advantages of trans-radial approach are early ambulation, same day discharge and greater patient comfort. Also, the rare complications of trans-femoral approach like bleeding are completely eliminated.

Cardiology Department of the Heart Hospitals in Delhi continues to strive & innovate to provide utmost patient comfort while at the same time providing state-of-art cutting edge diagnostics & treatment. This radial artery angiography programme is one such example.


Cardiac Emergency

Jaipur Golden - Best Heart Hospital in Delhi is geared up to take care of all cardiac emergencies. Advanced life support – Ambulance Services are available round the clock to transport critically sick patients We have facilities to transport the sick patients including those requiring ventilatory support, pacing and intra aortic balloon pump to our centre.

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