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Children need special attention, love and support of their family members while they are growing up because growth is not just physical but a lot more than that. During their growing years, some children face problems of sadness, anger or fears. They behave strangely and are unable to concentrate on their studies or any other activity. They face troubles in their relationships and undergo unexplained weight gain or weight loss. Time to time, you must screen your child for proper development patterns. In case, you feel your child is facing developmental issues and is lagging behind from children of same age, then you must immediately contact the Child Development Clinic at Jaipur Golden Hospital for expert advice.

The Child Development Division at JGH is committed to deliver diagnosis, assessment and management plans for children suffering from a wide spectrum of behavioral, emotional and developmental problems. We follow a family-centered approach to address these problems with highest level of quality best suited to the needs of your child. Our expert clinicians evaluate each child’s age-appropriate skills across multiple domains and make recommendations in case of developmental disabilities and learning disorders. To enhance the developmental and psychological well-being of your child, our multidisciplinary team offers specialized services to improve your knowledge & skills in this arena. This will help you to document your child’s development at right time and also enable you to detect any significant lags that can further be addressed timely.


How Do You Evaluate If Your Child Needs Help?

Every child is unique and so are their needs. If your child has any of the below mentioned problems, it is time you meet our specialists:


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