Pain Management

“Take Control Of Your Pain With Our Care, Compassion And Beyond”

Chronic pain can strain every aspect of your life. When it interferes with your quality of life and restricts your daily activities & relationships, you must seek treatment to eliminate or reduce your pain. The Institute of Pain Management at Jaipur Golden Hospital strives to ease your pain by identifying the underlying causes of your pain and treating them. The medical experts here also teach you how to manage your pain so that you can get relief and return to normal productive life as soon as possible.

We provide both safe & effective inpatient and outpatient services for a full spectrum of medical conditions including lower back pain, neck pain, chronic abdominal pain, pelvic pain, muscle & joint pain, arthritis, nerve damage, spinal cord injuries, cancer pain, vertebral compression fractures, complex regional pain syndrome and other medical conditions in which your pain lasts for more than 6 months. Our medical experts offer a broad range of approaches to pain management- from utilizing the latest equipments and innovative procedures to holistic therapies. A number of medical and interventional treatment procedures are performed here that help patients manage their long-term pains successfully.

Our Pain Management specialists work in collaboration with other consultants like musculoskeletal experts, rehabilitation specialists, nutritionist and psychologist to offer comprehensive care to the patients so that maximum level of comfort and physical function can be restored. We help the patients improve their posture & body mechanics while laying emphasis on gaining strength, stamina and flexibility.

What Services Are Available At The Centre?

Procedural interventions: They are helpful when oral, transdermal or subcutaneous drug administration is inhibited. It aids in the diagnosis and ongoing management of pain. Any benefit from the procedure can be combined with other approaches with a view to helping individuals improve their level of functioning.

Our interventions are done under advanced image guidance for precise diagnosis, management and results. The interventions offered are both diagnostic & therapeutic using live x-rays and ultrasound.

Various treatments are effectively combined to treat pain conditions holistically.

Team of Doctor

Dr.Sorabh Garg
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